Database ERD

This section provides a simplified overview of the ArunaServer database schema through an entity-relationship diagram.

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Aruna database entity-relationship diagram. Click for zoom.


  users ||--o{ objects : "creates / owns"
  users ||--o{ stream_consumers : "creates / owns"
  users ||--o{ persistent_notifications : "receives / acknowledges"
  users ||--o{ hooks : "is owner"
  users ||--o{ workspaces : "is owner"
  users {
    UUID id PK
    TEXT display_name
    VARCHAR(511) email
    VARCHAR(511) external_id
    JSON attributes
    Boolean active

  endpoints {
    UUID id PK
    TEXT name
    JSON host_config
    EndpointVariant endpoint_variant
    UUID documentation_object FK
    Boolean is_public
    EndpointStatus status

  pub_keys ||--|| endpoints : "provides public key"
  pub_keys {
    UUID proxy FK
    TEXT pubkey "UNIQUE"

  licenses ||--|| objects : "Metadata license"
  licenses ||--|| objects : "Data license"
  licenses {
    VARCHAR(511) tag PK
    VARCHAR(511) name
    VARCHAR(1023) description
    VARCHAR(511) url

  objects ||--o{ endpoints : "describes"
  objects ||--|{ internal_relations : "is target"
  objects ||--|{ internal_relations : "is origin"
  objects {
    UUID id PK,UK
    Int revision_number
    VARCHAR(511) name
    VARCHAR(1023) description
    Timestamp created_at
    UUID created_by FK
    Int64 content_len
    Int count
    JSON key_values
    ObjectStatus object_status
    DataClass data_class
    ObjectType object_type UK 
    JSON external_relations
    JSON hashes
    Boolean dynamic
    JSON endpoints
    VARCHAR(511) metadata_license FK
    VARCHAR(511) data_license FK

  relation_types ||--o{ internal_relations : "provides relation name"
  relation_types {
    VARCHAR(511) relation_name PK

  internal_relations {
    UUID id PK
    UUID origin_pid FK,UK
    ObjectType origin_type FK
    VARCHAR(511) relation_name FK,UK
    UUID target_pid FK,UK
    ObjectType target_type FK
    VARCHAR(511) target_name

  stream_consumers {
    UUID id PK
    UUID user_id FK
    JSON config

  persistent_notifications {
    UUID id PK
    UUID user_id FK
    PersistentNotificationVariant notification_variant
    TEXT message
    JSON refs

  hooks {
    UUID id PK
    VARCHAR(511) name
    VARCHAR(1023) description
    UUID[] project_ids
    UUID owner FK
    JSON trigger
    TIMESTAMP timeout
    JSON hook

  workspaces {
    UUID id PK
    VARCHAR(511) name
    VARCHAR(1023) description
    UUID owner FK
    VARCHAR(511) prefix
    JSON hook_ids
    JSON endpoint_ids